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What each sponsorship offer status means

Learn what each sponsorship offer status means

  • Submitted  - your sponsorship offer has been submitted and event organizer's are reviewing your sponsorship offer
  • Accepted - an event organizer has accepted the terms of your sponsorship offer for their event
  • Denied - an event organizer has denied your sponsorship offer. See how you can view the denial reason if one was provided by an organizer. If you have a question or want to try resubmitting your sponsorship offer contact support@recess.is
  • Canceled - you have contacted Recess to cancel the sponsorship offer
  • In-Revision - after submitting your sponsorship offer the event organizer has changed important information about the event such as date, start/end times, or attendance. Please review the event from your event feed and click resubmit if you agree to the new event information.