Step-By-Step Guide to Using Recess

What is Recess?

Recess is a marketplace platform that enables event organizers to promote their events and land brand sponsors. Think of us as the Airbnb for event sponsorships. On one side, we have event organizers listing their events (the Airbnb homes) and on the other, we have brands that are looking to purchase sponsorship opportunities at those events (the Airbnb guests). 

Below, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to use Recess to promote your events and secure sponsors. 

Setting up your first event

To begin listing events, first, you’ll have to create a Recess account for free. Sign up as an Event Organizer and fill in your email and password then complete your profile with your name, phone number, and company/organization. 

Input Event Details

After completing your profile, you should be taken straight into the event-form to fill out your main event information.

If you have a recurring event - you only need to list one instance of your event. Our team can create the rest of the events for you so that you only need to complete the form once. To have additional instances of your event created - email after listing your first event.

List your sponsorship inventory

Add available sponsorships

Now that you’ve entered your primary event information, fill out the details of your available sponsorships.

Product Sampling

Opt-in to product sampling if you're willing to receive product / promotional items from brands that you can give to your attendees for free and let us know how much product you think you would be able to distribute based on the size of your event. This could be anything from a can of Red Bull - to a branded t-shirt.


If you would be willing to post a branded message on your social media account - or have a large video screen where you would be willing to play content provided by a brand, list those opportunities here.

On-Site Space

If you would be interested in a brand coming onsite themselves for an in-person activation or to distribute their own product - select yes and choose the size of space you can provide and the cost for a brand to be on-site if there is one.

    Finalize event details

    Finalize & publish your event

    Enter the main point of contact for your event and publish your event to the Recess platform for all brands to see.

    Enhance your event listing

    Add marketing enhancements and restrictions

    Now that your event has been published, use marketing enhancements to make your event stand out to sponsors and inform them of any common rules/regulations that they will need to follow.

    Reviewing and accepting offers

    All offers will be sent and negotiated through the Recess platform. Refer to the “Offers” tab on the left navigation pane of the Dashboard to view your pending offers for all events and to review accepted offers. 

    More questions?

    Visit the Help Center for FAQs (frequently asked questions) on promoting your events with Recess.