How to re-submit a sponsorship offer that is In-Revision

An offer gets put into the "In-Revision" status when a sponsor submits a sponsorship offer and after receiving a sponsorship offer an Event Organizer changes important information such as date, time, attendance, or price.

How do I know when a sponsorship offer goes into the "In-Revision" status?

You will get an email notification. You can also view a list of all of your sponsorship offer statuses by clicking the Schedule tab

  • Make sure you are on the correct Schedule that your sponsorship offers are on, you can change schedules by clicking the dropdown
  • Make sure that the filter is selected for "Revising" to see your In-Revision offers

How can a sponsor review the sponsorship offer?

Click into the offer from your Schedule to review the sponsorship offer

How can a sponsor know what information has changed on a sponsorship offer?

Currently, there is not a way to view what information has changed. We are working on updating this and will update this article when that feature is available.

How can you resubmit the sponsorship offer?

Click the Re-submit Offer button