Reviewing Sponsorship Offers - Accepting or Denying

Learn how to review and choose to accept or deny a Sponsorship Offer

See List of Offers

When you receive a brand offer, you will receive an email notification where you can login and view the offer by clicking the offers tab. To find all of your offers click the offers tab on the sidebar-navigation.

View Offer Details

To view the details click the offer tile

  • Offer Details Section - outlines basic information about the sponsor, expiration date that the offer can not be accepted, as well as how much you will be paid out if accepting the sponsorship offer
  • University Provides Section - outlines what the Organizer would provide to the brand
  • Brand Provides Section - outlines what the brand will provide for the event. You must open each section and click the checkbox before clicking accept.

To Accept An Offer:

  1. Click the checkboxes on each section agreeing that you understand the terms of each section.
  2. Click the Accept button that pops up after clicking all 3 checkboxes


To Deny An Offer:

  1. Click the Deny button in the top right
  2. Enter your denial reason, be thorough as a sponsor may choose to revise and resubmit their offer