How To Deny an Auto-Generated Event

We made it easier on you to update the new event information without having to fill out a new event form for events that occur more than once.

Once your event has ended, we will auto-create your next based based off the information from your event listing.

You will receive an email from Recess asking to confirm your event information for the next time this event occurs.

How does this help?
This will also help save you time by not having to create a new event listing each year you will just need to update any of the information that has changed since the last event.

Additionally, it gives sponsors more time to discover your event and gives them more lead time to plan.

Steps to Deny Your Auto-Generated Event

If your event is not happening and you don't want your event to be discovered by a sponsor click 'Deny' and it will not be discoverable to sponsors.

If you accidentally Denied an Auto-generated event and want to undo it head to this article on How to Undo Denying an Auto-Generated Event