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How Recess Works

First of all, what does Recess do?

Recess is a marketplace platform that enables event organizers to promote their events for brand sponsorships. Standardized inventory allows brands to easily filter and compare events and opportunities. Recess also features centralized contracting, payment and logistics tools that help save you time and keep your sponsors returning year-after-year.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account
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  2. List your events - Enter in your event details such as the date, time, location, attendance, available sponsorship offerings and restrictions.
  3. Get offers - If a brand is interested in sponsoring your event, you will receive an offer notification via email. Log back into your Recess account and click the “Offers” tab on left to view it.
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  4. Review offers and accept or deny - Run through the details of the offer and decide whether or not the sponsorship is a good fit for your event or not. If it is a fit, press accept, it not, then choose deny and provide feedback for why you are denying the offer so that brands gets notified and understands why the offer was denied. 
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  5. Advance logistics - Recess will take care of all of the logistics and communication with the brand. If you have any additional forms for the brand to fill out, we will collect them and have the brand fill them out for you. 
  6. Event day - Hard work pays off! Sponsors are coordinated and raising brand awareness, while you’re hosting a successful event. 
  7. Get paid - The best part! Within 7 days of your event ending we will pay you in the manner that was discussed during the advancing stage. 

      If you have additional questions about how Recess works, shoot us a message by clicking the chat bubble right down there to the right or shoot us an email at events@recess.is. For a more detailed explanation of how to list your events, check out this step-by-step guide [HYPERLINK].