Event Organizer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it cost money to sign up?
    A: No, it’s free for event organizers to list their events on the Recess platform. 
  2. Can I sign up my virtual event?
    A: Yes! You'll go through the same sign-up process as if you had an in-person event except you'll select that your event is virtual for the Venue Location and continue to fill out all of the event questions.
    1. How do Brands discover my event?
      A: After you publish your event information, brands then have the opportunity to search all events on the platform. Brands will then select the events that are the best fit for them and send a sponsorship offer for you to review and either accept or deny.
      1. How will we know if we get a sponsorship offer
        A: If you receive an offer, you will receive a notification on your Recess account, as well as an email notification.
        1. If we use Recess, are we allowed to onboard additional non-Recess affiliated sponsors for our events?
          A: Absolutely! By becoming a Recess partner you are under no obligation to have your sponsorships provided exclusively through Recess. In fact, if you introduce us to a new Brand or Event Organizer and they sign up to use Recess, we will PAY YOU a REFERRAL FEE!
          1. What kind of sponsorships do you bring to events?
            A: From mobile gaming trucks to 3D Photo Booths, Free Food Trucks, product to distribute at your events - the options are endless! We strive to bring sponsorship opportunities that not only help financially, but also enhance your event by providing additional activities, items, and experiences for your attendees to enjoy!
            1. Can we have multiple sponsors come to an event?
              A: Of course! If you have multiple sponsors sending offers for your event, you are more than welcome to accept all of them as long as you have spaces for all of them. 
              1. What size events do you send sponsors to?
                A: We send sponsors to events of all sizes from 150 people to 100,000+ people.
              2. How far in advance do we need to list our events?
                A: We recommend getting your events listed at least 30 days or more in advance to give sponsors enough time to send an offer and get the logistics dialed in. However, we suggest publishing your events as soon as possible so brands have plenty of time to discover them. 

              3. How does Recess make money?
                A: While Recess doesn’t require schools to pay any money for listing events, we do take a 30% service fee anytime an offer is accepted. For example, If you listed a 10x10 booth for $1000, Recess would keep $300 and send you the rest of the $700 to you. This service fee covers our finder’s fee as well as the work put into doing all of the advancing of the logistics so you don’t have to worry about it and you can focus more on throwing a successful event. 
              4. If I’m leaving my position and need to transfer my events to the next person, what do I do?
                A: If you need to transfer your events to another person at your school, fill out our Transfer Account form here and introduce the person taking over your role to dustin@recess.is and we’ll send you a $10 gift card courtesy of Starbucks for helping us keep in touch with your organization. 
              5. What happens if I need to cancel an event? Is there a penalty?
                A: If you need to cancel an event you can do so by logging into your Recess account and going to your event listing. If you have accepted a sponsorship offer you may incur a penalty, see the Organizer Cancellation Policy

              6. How likely are we to get sponsorship offers?
                A: Your chances of receiving an offer from a sponsor depend on several factors including attendance, location, date, price, event type, etc. Each brand has its own requirements that they are looking for. If you don’t get a sponsorship offer your first time around, try not to get discouraged. As we continue to grow as a company, so do the opportunities for new sponsorship offers. 
              7. How do I know what to price a space at?
                A: If you’re not sure what your space is worth, don’t worry, we’ve built an algorithm into the sign-up process that auto-populates a suggested price based on attendance and duration of the event. You are welcome to use that price or come up with your own price. 
              8. What if fewer people show up than anticipated?
                A: Sometimes it happens, we encourage you to estimate on the safe side. In some cases, event organizers will offer a partial refund or a substitute event as a make-good to ensure sponsors are happy and to keep them coming back.
              9. What if we get an offer from a sponsor that we can’t have because of existing restrictions?
                A: No worries, you can simply deny the offer and provide the reason why you’re denying it so that the brand knows.