How to Verify Recess Listings Checklist

Before publishing listings, Recess individually verifies each listing for accuracy and makes suggestions to optimize each listing.

Before publishing listings, Recess individually verifies each listing for accuracy and makes suggestions to optimize each listing. Here's a simple checklist that you can utilize to ensure that your listing is verifiable. If your listing does not meet one or more of these criteria, it will not be verified and will not be searchable or discoverable by brands.

  • Check that the listing name (event or venue name) is clear and is formatted correctly as a title.
  • Check that the Event Types actually represent the event and match the description.
  • Check that the description is detailed, clear, descriptive, and speaks to brand partners rather than consumers.
  • Check that Start Dates/Times and End Dates/Times are clear - especially for monthly events and ongoing opportunities.
    • If you have a weekly or monthly event - each event should be listed as a single event - we can help you do this with a bulk import, instead of filling out the same form multiple times. Reach out to to access this form.
  • Check that the recurrence is correct. 
    • If your recurrence is weekly, but there is only a single event listed, we will likely need to import all of the other weeks as well.
    • Check that an image has been added to your event. To add an image after your event is created, simply ‘edit’ your event and click on the ‘sales allowed’ section on the lower right hand section inside of the blue box, then click on the ‘back’ button. This will prompt the ‘Enhance Your Listing’ page to appear, where you can choose your photo. Please choose an image with a 16:9 aspect size ratio - acceptable formats are jpg, png, gif.
  • Check that the event schedule is confirmed.
  • Check that the attendance listed is the total number of people who will attend between the listed start and end dates.
  • Check the venue information by seeing if the map matches the venue name that is listed.

    If you have agreed to product sampling:
  • Check that standard pricing is accepted. If it is not - confirm your per unit pricing with a Recess team member in order for your event to be verified.
  • Check that the minimum sampling quantity is not greater than the maximum sampling quantity.
  • Check that the maximum sampling quantity is not greater than the total reach for the event.
    • If you have 10,000 people at your event - you can’t distribute 20,000 products.
  • Check that pallet storage and distribution location are both filled out.
  • If you have listed pricing for activation space, check that you’ve added the location where the activations would be set up.
  • Check that you have added an image to your event.
  • Check that all restriction questions have been answered - especially food and beverage restrictions.