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Add Custom Requirements to Listings

Organizers can now add any customized contract terms or requirements into Event Listings.

Organizers can now add any customized contract terms or requirements into Event Listings. These customized terms are incorporated into offers that brand partners agree to when booking your listing. This streamlined process makes it easier for organizers to include necessary terms and conditions that serve as binding contracts, eliminating the need for additional contracts. Moreover, these terms educate brand partners about specific requirements, like permits and insurance information, as well as serve as a one-stop-shop for organizers to list all of their requirements.

To get started, simply add in your terms in the ‘Additional Event Terms’ section when creating a listing. To navigate to this section of the form click any of the items under the Enhancement Checklist on the right-hand side of the form.

If you have created a Listing already, click on the Overview of the event and then click on the Edit button next to the Activation Restrictions section to add the Additional Event Terms. Make sure after adding your terms to click the ‘Save’ button in the top right.


Add any of your specific requirements, contract terms, permits, insurance requirements, or other items that you want Sponsors to agree to prior to submitting an offer.  If you have links those will show up as hyperlinks to the Sponsors when viewing your Listing.

Potential brand partners will be able to view your customized terms via your listing.

Your customized terms will also appear when brand partners add your listing to their cart and view the draft order.

When a brand partner completes checkout, your customized terms will be included as checkboxes, bounding them to your stated terms after reading and agreeing. 

Finally - the customized terms will be available for viewing by both parties, brand and organizer, in the offer once checkout has been completed.

Getting started with adding your customized terms to any listing is easy and helps avoid the redundancy of having multiple contracts. You can create (or edit) a listing here.