COVID-19 Related FAQ's

  1. What if I've signed up an event that is no longer happening?
    A: If your event is no longer happening due to COVID-19, please let our team member Dustin know ASAP by shooting him an email at
  2. What if I want to sign up an event that is tentatively happening?
    A: Go ahead and sign up your event as long as it is 30 days or more away. However, if your event is forced to be cancelled please log into your account and cancel your event ASAP. 
  3. Can I sign up my virtual event?
    A: Yes! You can sign up your virtual event, the same way you would sign up an in-person event, but instead you will answer the virtual event questions. 
  4. What kinds of virtual sponsorships can I offer?
    A: You can offer what we call a Native Integration. By selecting this you are offering sponsors a shoutout during the live-stream, product placement on screen, a link in the event description and/or a social media post before or after the event with their logo on it. 
  5. What if I need to my changes to an event I've already listed?
    A: To make changes to your event, simply log into your account and select the event you would like to make changes to. However, if you make changes to an event that already has a sponsorship offer, the brand will be notified and have to resubmit the offer with the updated changes. This means you will also have to re-review and/or re-accept the offer.